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ss 201 prices have risen by 1550,ss 304 prices have risen by1700......
2017-06-21 16:14:55

ss 201 prices have risen by 1550,ss 304 prices have risen by1700......

    June 20 Foshan market news, from the June 12 afternoon 201 cold rolling the first price rise, stainless steel broke through the small rebound since March no more than 3 days of curse, continued to pull up for more than a week! Time is short, or large, ferocious momentum, is the main characteristics of the wave market.

    To Hongwang 201 cold-rolled, for example, the spot has risen from the lowest point of the day 7350 to the market price of 8900 yuan / ton, price 1550 yuan / ton, or 21.09%, and intensified trend!

一、First,pull up has been out of control, turnover is divided.

    Spot hot, futures cool! This wave up, the first slow after the fast, nearly two days 201 is to accelerate the rise, only today rose to 300 yuan / ton.

304 is no exception, cold rolling from the previous minimum 11,600 yuan / ton pulled up to the press when the transaction price of 13,300 yuan / ton, price 1700 yuan / ton, or 14.7%;

    304 hot-rolled narrowband Dingxin from the previous minimum of 10,900 yuan / ton rose to 12,200 yuan / ton, a total price of 1,300 yuan / ton, or 11.9%.

 Cold rolling futures prices higher than the spot price, why? Simply speaking, is the word: the market is bullish! In fact, not only cold-rolled so hot-rolled the same. According to the actual market situation, this week has been hot traded 201 hot-rolled, there are constantly chasing high into, but the basic are futures orders. Spot transactions are not enthusiastic, and futures in sharp contrast.

    But the opposite of our current market situation, but it is in turn: the stock pulled up ferocious, futures turnover is more deserted!

    The two are in sharp contrast. Of course, this is mainly due to the more price increases, the more cold futures turnover.

    Many factory feedback, pulled up a large number of straight down after the single.   Because on the one hand because of the previous increase in the amount of orders, on the other hand is rising after the raging, the stock did not dare to catch up with the behavior, this has been a month of crazy order of the car!

二,Second, a word on the "closed", at every turn on "reported to be approved"!

    Obviously this moment or J1 for the 7500 price, the next moment has been closed! Did not think about the last place.

Obviously morning or 12200 304 hot-rolled narrow-band futures offer, the moment has not received a single!-304.com

三,Third, the sudden surge, "Miss step" entity that was injured!

    Pull up intensified, but according to comprehensive feedback, because prices are too sudden, and early to wait and see, so many people said that this wave of empty

 But after the reaction of consciousness, pull up the rate has been too large, especially after a single ready to buy the spot to buy the factory manufacturers, this time that extremely suffering!

Because, when the price of the purchase, not smooth!

    "Cut a few hundred tons of 304 hot-rolled, finished tube is also trying to go to inventory, suddenly to a surge, people are ignorant, until now I thought in a dream, recovered to pull up more than 1300 up, This kind of fill the knife I even shouting the pain of no strength.When the price, the tube and the material linkage, the price is very difficult to find ah, the tube is not easy to do, who would like to put the tube put me received it ... ... "

四,Four, can not be ignored: profit in the near!

    A short period of ferocious prices, is bound to accumulate profit plate.

The current steel control is extremely successful, but can hold for how long, have to look at the steel mills operating capacity, on the other hand is the downstream digestion and market trading capacity of the reserve.

    And we all understand that this Bora up, whether it is 201 or 304, generally rose more than 1300, and some large steel mills all the way up crazy all the way, then the next is scheduled to be delivery.

    Unless the price from the high price to pay, or how can not bypass the "profit plate"

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